The Big Easy is back in New Orleans

It has been 3 years since I have been back to New Orleans. I missed it so much! This year I went back with family that had never been to this great city. We watched Fireworks on the Mississippi River on the 4th of July. We took our family on a swamp tour and a […]

New Orleans

I recently joined Storehouse. It is a place that I can focus on just telling my stories. Take a look and follow me.

I love traveling around the country. With each experience that I have it opens my eyes to so many challenges our country faces. People like to argue about Republican vs. Democrat, but I see this as more of an issue of right vs. wrong. The rich vs. the poor. I ask myself what did my […]

San. Fran. Cisco.

I really enjoyed my time in San Francisco. I walked everywhere. I am still tired from walking up Lombard Street. I can’t wait to go back.

New Orleans.

Playing somewhere around Jackson Square. Someones front door with a bed and beer. This gentleman was walking his dog through the neighborhood of the Garden District. It started raining and someone left their bike outside of the French Market. Please view all of the photos here