A young man and his dreams are only separated by hard work. #Basketball

It is not often that I meet someone who is really passionate about helping other people. Whether it is people who either can not do for themselves or have been a victim of an evil act.  I photographed a man by the name of Louis Gill. He is passionate about people and truly cares. He […]

Here is a photo of a guy who I watched play basketball at Venice Beach. Reggie Cotton could fly in the sky and shoot the rock. He used to travel with the And One Mixtape back in the day and will be inducted into the the Venice Beach Hall of Fame in September of 2012. […]

I love my son. More than he will ever know…

I was inspired by Matthew Jordan Smith with this photo. Thanks for the inspiration!

My Life Coach and good friend Lisette Stinson. She helps me make sense of all the things running in my mind. 🙂

Fran Florez. Make An Office and You Have A Photograph

As simple as this picture seems, it was not that way. This took moving some furniture and being creative with light. So here is what I did with this photo. There was not enough light coming into the room to get a photo that was not dramatic. So, I decided to use the wall behind […]

Arthur Charles Jr., The New Toronto Blue Jay

I met this young man when he was just a small child. I knew his parents and they also lived around the corner from my family. Well, he has grown up into a big powerful baseball player.  He was just drafted the other day by the Toronto Blue Jays. His mom and dad are absolutely […]

I took a photo of my wife and daughter on Mother’s Day. They just love each other so much. They will be best of friends as my daughter gets older. I took this with my Mamiya RZ 67 with Fujichrome 100 @ ISO 400.