New photography and design work for Robin Bramlett. This is her first CD and I had the privilege of photographing her and designing the CD. The CD will be releasing in the early spring of 2013.

Always grateful when my work is used in the local paper.

Nike Boots – Wale this where the haters is this why they hate us here this why i hate it here though love it, I made it here we all here, from the dealers to the kids to the squares to the fly one thing we are aligned with black on black Nikes that represent […]

Agitate. This is my interpretation of the word. (Source:

Another day in my life. Basketball. (Source:

Sad Tomorrows (Flying High In The Friendly Skies)

“Flying High in the friendly sky. Without leaving the ground. Rest of the folks are tired and weary and have laid their bodies down. I go to the place where danger waits – and its bound to forsake me.” – Marvin Gaye

New Orleans.

Playing somewhere around Jackson Square. Someones front door with a bed and beer. This gentleman was walking his dog through the neighborhood of the Garden District. It started raining and someone left their bike outside of the French Market. Please view all of the photos here

The Covenant Messengers. I took these photos a couple of weeks ago.

The Making of the Louie Cruz Beltran Photo for Mas Magazine

Anytime I get an assignment for a magazine I like to talk to the art director to get some input for the design. The AD wanted energy, excitement, and plenty of options to choose from to fill the cover and inside story. They also wanted me to create my own look and come with my […]