I have been busy lately but I wanted to share a photo for today.

Do what you love!

I always tell every young person to do what you love. Forget the money, the house, and the junk. Just do what you love. When you are doing what you love all of that other stuff just comes. Beat on your craft everyday and become the best at what you do. Don’t give up when […]

How much I have changed…

I use to let my past hold me back. I was often taking my mind to a place that was in my childhood. A place where I was was scared, confused, and had a scarcity of money. When I was younger, my mom did the best that she could with what she had. We had […]

As I Think About Life…

I often ask myself what others will say about me if I was no longer here on earth. It keeps me grounded. It makes me ask questions about myself and if I am really doing what the man upstairs has called me to do. See, I don’t want my life to be meaningless. I want it […]