Lighting The Basketball Player – Chris Clayton.

Every once in a while I get bored or I want to try something different in my work. This night I called over my good friend Chris Clayton to take some photos. I wanted to see if I put a black background up could I easily knock him out of the background using Photoshop. Well […]

The Making of the Louie Cruz Beltran Photo for Mas Magazine

Anytime I get an assignment for a magazine I like to talk to the art director to get some input for the design. The AD wanted energy, excitement, and plenty of options to choose from to fill the cover and inside story. They also wanted me to create my own look and come with my […]

What I Learned Photographing Project Bookface

I learned a lot about people. I shot photos of over a hundred people in 5 months. People that I knew and people that I had meet for the first time. What I learned the most was about people and their willingness to give. People want to support organizations that are really trying to make […]

Arthur Charles Jr., The New Toronto Blue Jay

I met this young man when he was just a small child. I knew his parents and they also lived around the corner from my family. Well, he has grown up into a big powerful baseball player.  He was just drafted the other day by the Toronto Blue Jays. His mom and dad are absolutely […]