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The day is December 2nd, 2017. It has been a long day. What started out as just another day turned into something that literally changed my life and my family. My daughter was up early in the morning and had left for a Color Guard performance. My wife and I had the day to ourselves. We decided to go look at model homes. It is something that my wife always loved to do. I on the other hand did not care for it but I went with the flow. But, going with the flow immediately changed once we sat down to have lunch.

We went to Chipotle that day. During lunch, we started discussing our daughter Keli and her performance issues at school. That topic leads us from one disagreement to another which leads to one fight after the other. We are both trying our best not to yell at each other but the volume of our voices is starting to peak the meters.

Looking back on those arguments I now see where had I known more information I would have handled the disagreements differently. I would have looked deeper into the root causes of those disagreements. But, that’s looking in hindsight and at that moment I was starting to get heated. But, we both were able to calm down and just agree to go home. We also agreed that we needed to talk to Keli about her performance in school.

I always tell people that the “Devil” always shows up when something great is about to happen in your life. Well, he showed up on this day. As soon as we get home my wife and I start arguing again. It is a heated battle. Verbal jabs and verbal punches are being thrown both ways. She lands a few good shots and stuns me. I throw a couple of jabs myself and they sting her for a moment but she is strong and I am holding back because I really don’t want to hurt her with my words. Finally, she yells out the dreaded words no man wants to hear, “Maybe you are better off on your own!” Not those words! Please!!!! I tell her, “Why do I want to trade the crazy that I know for a crazy I don’t know?”

We agree to stop arguing. I am tired. She is tired. She decided to take a shower. I went outside and took my camera with me. I also rolled out my portable speaker and started playing music. I was trying to focus on the clouds but for some reason, I didn’t have my glasses on. The photo looked sharp but without my glasses, I just couldn’t tell. I was mentally drained and I was tired. This was the only photo I took. When I look at this photo it reminds me how crazy that day was up to that point. It shows how out of focus my life was at that moment. Then my daughter walked in the door and that’s when shit really hit the fan. That will be a story for another day.

Write it down. Take a picture. I don't give a f*ck!

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