Wow! That’s the only word that I can think of at this moment. I went to the movie theater tonight and watched the newly released Netflix documentary, Jeen-Yuhs. Most people who know me, and know me well, know how much of a fan I am of Kanye West. This Netflix documentary is about Kanye’s road to his dreams. It is truly inspiring and sheds light on his ability to dream big and not have any fear in what he believes will become true.

I realized why I am such a big fan of Kanye after watching the first part of this movie. He and I both share something in common. We both had a love and bond with our mother’s and they both believed in us and encouraged our way of being and thinking. There is a part in the movie where I almost started crying. It hit me emotionally to watch the interaction between him and his mom, Donda West. It was like I was watching me and my mom interact. I miss that interaction with her.

I can’t wait to watch the rest of this documentary.

Donda West and Kanye West

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