The Struggle

Most people do not want to go through the struggle for their dreams. They all want it handed to them. They all want the security of having that steady income or paycheck.

I have been a professional photographer for over 8 years now. It is a daily struggle. I have to grind each and everyday. There is no easy path to the success that you want. You have to get dirty and hungry. You have to want it as bad as you want to breathe.

Before you can get to the struggle, you have to know what it is you want. You have to dig deep down in your soul and find out why you were put on this earth. Once you start asking those questions the answers will start to come to you. But you can not walk around like a zombie or a person lost out in the woods. You have to be hungry for your success. Each person has their own idea of what success is. Whatever it is to you… you must become focused on it.

Malcolm Gladwell says it takes 10,000 hours to master your craft. Ten thousand hours is time. What are you putting your time into? Has it paid off? If you can’t answer those questions then you are lost in the wilderness. You have to put the time into whatever you want in life. Even a farmer has to wait for his crops to grow. There is nothing instant in life. Even the lotto winners will tell you how many times they played before they won. It all takes time.

You must have people around you that make you accountable for what you are doing. They must push you like a coach. If they are lost in the wilderness the only place they can take you is to another place still lost.

Time is of the essence. Don’t waste time. Time is our most valuable thing in life. Once it is gone, it is truly gone. Don’t waste it. Go out there and do it! Time waits for no man and it never has.

I hope that you read this and get inspired to go through the struggle. Because once you get past the struggle you appreciate it.

God bless each and everyone of you on this day! See Less

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