The Recession…

I got in late last night into Las Vegas for my daughter’s cheer competition. The last time I was in Vegas was in March of ‘08. The worst trip ever. My wife bought me an over priced lens that I could not take back. My kids were old enough now to realize that the flyers they passed out on the street were not for kids. My mother came with us on the trip and she totally hates Vegas and complained and worried about all the sex pictures that could influence the kids. On the way back home my son was ill and threw up in the car four or five times. Did I say it was a bad trip.

So, it is Friday night in Vegas and my daughter wants to go to Circus Circus. Now, if you have ever been to this place you know it gets really crazy with people everywhere. But this time it is different. Their is hardly anyone around. Circus Circus is practly empty. What could cause this to happen. I asked the Valet what was going on with the slow tourism. He turned to me and said that this is a very busy weekend since the begining of the year.

Wow! The last time I saw Vegas this dead was two weeks after 9-11. It only took me 7 minutes to drive down the strip from Circus Circus to the MGM Grand. Seven minutes, are you kidding me.

The Recession is affecting everyone. How do we get out of this? How did we get here America? How do we change all of our bad habits?

These are questions that I think everyone needs to ask themselves. How can we get better as a country and change this?

These are just some thoughts that I have and felt the need to write them down. I will continue to look back at this post to see what has changed.

Write it down. Take a picture. I don't give a f*ck!

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