Silence the Noise and Listen…

Sometimes our life can become full of noise and it is really hard to listen to what God is trying to tell us. I have recently improved my listening ability by following my heart and doing exactly what God is telling me to do. This has been a work in progress for a few years. It did not happen overnight and nor did it come easy.

Here is an example of what I am talking about when it comes to listening to the signs that will appear in your life. The other night I was driving home and as I exited the freeway an idea popped into my head. That idea was to stop at a Taco Truck and pick up a few tacos to eat for dinner. As that idea came up, I immediately told myself that I had plenty of food at home to eat and did not need any tacos(my diet). But, then I thought, why did that idea pop into my head. So I exited the freeway and headed towards the Taco Truck.

Uricchio’s Trattoria Minestrone Soup

As I pulled up to the truck, I noticed that it was not very crowded. I walked up and ordered my food and paid the lady behind the register. As I stood and waited in the cold night, I kept wondering why I came here to eat. I started scanning the area to check my surroundings(something that I always do). Then all of a sudden, I see a big sign that says, “Homeless, I Need Food.” I notice a man standing behind the sign that is attached to a basket. When I first walked up to the truck, I never saw that man standing there, nor did I see that sign. It was like he just appeared in some magic show.

I walk over to him and ask if he would like any food. He said yes. He only wanted a Chicken Quesadilla, but I offered to also buy him a burrito for the road and he gladly accepted. The Taco Truck does not serve drinks. So I offered to by him something to drink at the gas station that was next to us. I instead gave him five dollars and told him to get whatever he wanted from the gas station to drink.

As he walked away, I kept thinking, “…is this why I came here?” I realized that this is what was required of me this evening. I listened to the idea that was placed in my head and followed my heart as opposed to my logical thinking.

When he returned from the gas station I asked him his name. “Danny”, he said in a raspy voice. He sounded a little sick and he kept coughing. I always like to talk to people because you can learn so much from a person just by listening to them. He thanked me for the food. But before I left him, he went to his basket and he pulled out his Bible and said, “God takes care of me. I am alive today and I am still here.” This statement was very significant for me. I had just talked to a friend earlier that day about that same concept. That I am alive right now! Not tomorrow. Not yesterday. Right now!

Danny needed food and I was able to give him that. I also gave him the rest of the cash that I had on me. He was grateful and we talked for about 20 minutes before I finally left and went home.

Mauricio’s Mexican Restaurant – Albondiga Soup

I don’t tell you this to brag about myself. I tell you this because I want you to clear the noise from your head. If you listen to God he will guide you down a path that he needs you to follow. But you have to get rid of the noise and have faith that you are going down the right path. Your heart will lead you the right way. I am not perfect. I struggle each and every day with noise. But, each and every day I overcome the noise with faith.

I took these photos of soups for Bakersfield Life Magazine about a month ago. They were just recently published in the January issue. Danny needed real food just like those the pictures of the soups. What I find amazing is how Danny feed my soul that evening. God used him to let me know that I am on the right path.

You are on the right path. Keep following your heart and watch where He leads you.


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