Nike Boots – Wale

this where the haters is

this why they hate us here

this why i hate it here

though love it, I made it here

we all here, from the dealers to the kids

to the squares to the fly

one thing we are aligned with

black on black Nikes

that represent the lifeless lives

and it reflects the plight of those fighting so

if we ain’t right and always at the throats

of one another at least we got our Goadome Nikes a

metaphor, for the insecure

if you ain’t wearing no color, can’t nobody say nothing

one can never be judged when he dress like his brothers

melancholy we are though we all learn to love it

pessimistic we are

carry odds like luggage

and thru all our troubles

we still walk around walk around

(flyer than the rest of em)

flyer than the rest of em

flyer than the rest of em

and still got my Nike Boot

Write it down. Take a picture. I don't give a f*ck!

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