Make Some Gumbo

My mom asked me one night in July of 2019 to make some Gumbo. She was deep into her battle with cancer. She couldn’t eat anything. When she drank water it would come back up like vomit. Green bile was everywhere. She was miserable.

What I remember the most about that night was that she wanted to smell the food cooking. I asked her if she wanted to taste the Gumbo. She said she wanted to try. I put just a little on a spoon. She inhaled all the flavor that was coming from that spoon. She closed her eyes as though she just found peace. She put a little on her lips and tasted what I had made. The look on her face was priceless. For this split second, she felt normal again. Her taste buds showed her what she was missing.

Unfortunately, she couldn’t handle any more than that. She began to vomit the green bile that was trapped inside her body.

I share this story for only one reason.

You will die. You don’t know how or when or why.

So, enjoy that cup of coffee. Smell that freshly cut grass. Put a little chile on your food to increase the heat. Let the sun radiate on your skin. Hear the birds sing in the trees. Do your best right now. Feel the burn in your body after a great workout. Put a little sugar on your Rice Krispies. Have a sip of Coke and Jack. Eat a bowl of Gumbo!

All of these things we all take for granted will one day be taken from us. Don’t get caught up in what’s wrong with you… get caught up in what’s right with you!

Write it down. Take a picture. I don't give a f*ck!

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