Loving You… On This Day!

Walking in love is probably the hardest thing to do in life. It requires us to become servants of each other. We have to look at our own faults and put you in front of them. We have to forget how you look, smell, or behave and think about just loving you.

I am not talking about family members. Family is easy to love and ignore their faults. I am talking about people that you don’t even know. The people that you see at the store, mall, restaurants, or just driving by you in a car. Everyday people.

Why is it so hard to love? Because we are afraid too. Because we are selfish and only think of ourselves. Loving strangers and being kind takes an effort that we don’t want to exert.

Martin Luther King Jr. helped us to look at each other and love one another. He wanted us to let go of fear and embrace one another.

I hope today that you go out and talk to someone you have never met. I hope that you love someone new.


Write it down. Take a picture. I don't give a f*ck!

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