How much I have changed…

I use to let my past hold me back. I was often taking my mind to a place that was in my childhood. A place where I was was scared, confused, and had a scarcity of money.

When I was younger, my mom did the best that she could with what she had. We had no financial support from my father, so we depended a lot on my grandmother and sometimes my aunt.

But there was always a price we had to pay when we turned to help from them. That made it even tougher for me growing up. I could see where my mom was having to deal with issues that she probably would have never dealt with before. I just always remember us struggling to get through the month.

As an adult, I would constantly go back to that place in my mind. It always kept me in fear of moving and growing. I had to learn how to change that thinking. Notice I say “learn” to change that thinking. It does not happen over night.

I had to rethink my feelings and retrain myself to let go of that part of my life. It was an experience that I had to go through in order to prepare myself for where I am today.

It is never easy to change your thinking or the feelings you might get when a situation arrises in your life. It is something that you have to be willing to hit head on and challenge yourself to be open to new ideas and looking at the situation with a new point of view.

I am writing this because I think most of us experience feelings that keep us stuck in rutt. Feelings that will not allow us to grow as people because they are so far rooted in our minds that we can’t let go.

But guess what, we can.

We can move forward.

We can change.

We can accomplish the dream.

We can reach the top of the mountain.

We can be everything that we want to be.

We can help others in need.

We can be everything that God wants us to be.

I hope that you let go of whatever is holding you back. Release it like a balloon that will blow in the wind. Then watch your life change.


Write it down. Take a picture. I don't give a f*ck!

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