How I created the Dean Florez photo for Bakersfield Life Magazine and Mas Magazine

Dean Florez - California State Senator

I had a chance to photograph California State Senator Dean Florez for Mas Magazine which also was published in the Bakersfield Life Magazine’s December 2008 issue. For this photo I wanted it to be very relaxed and to show that the Senator is a normal guy.

I used beautiful window light for this photo. It was about 9 in the morning in my studio and the light was just amazing. I exposed for the window light and added a big octobox with an Alien Bee 800 as a fill light and to also add a little catch light in his eyes. I added the big gobo on the other side to fill in the shadows. I used my Kodak DCS pro/n with a Nikkor 50mm at f4 @ 1/15th, ISO 160. I made sure I used a tripod to lock the camera down to keep the image sharp and minimize the blur.

He was so excited about the photos that he decided to use me for his mother’s campaign photos as she was running for California State Assembly.

Also, I let him know what I was trying to accomplish with the photos and I also talked to him to get him to open up and just be natural.

Dean Florez - Mas Magazine Cover 

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