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I am always humbled when I get a chance to see my work in a magazine. This particular photo work was for a local ad agency in Bakersfield, CA, The Marcom Group. The client was DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen. The Marcom Group had a layout that they needed executed for the design of the ad.

One of the challenges of photographing large groups, is making sure everyone is smiling and looking at the camera. Another challenge can be Depth of Field and keeping everyone in focus.

Because I was shooting inside, I was able to control the light in the building. I overpowered the light in the building with my strobes and was able to shoot at f11. At this f-stop you have a greater Depth of Field and can keep more of your image in focus.

Once again, I am always humbled that I get a chance to see my work published. It takes hard work and serious commitment to be the best you can be. It also takes people trusting you. The Marcom Group trusted me with their client and I was able to help deliver a part of their project.

If you would like to see more of my work please visit my portfolio here.

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