A Letter to 14 Year Old Michael

Dear Michael,

Oh, how I love you. You have no idea who you will become. You have no idea what you will accomplish. You have no idea who you will inspire. 

Your biggest supporter won’t be around anymore. Your dad will long be gone from this earth. All the people who you grew up watching will no longer be here for you to watch. King Street will be a distant memory in your mind. The people that you hated the most on that street will be gone or suffering their own existence.

You won’t believe the people who get put in your path. People who will help propel you to be your best. People who will challenge you to be great and see the greatness in you.

Michael, look at me. I am you in the future. Mom won’t be here. Gilbert won’t be here either. Mom did everything she could to encourage you to be great and to be a blessing to others. Gilbert let you down. I know that you know this already. But, I am letting you know right now because he will show up in other people. Other people will let you down and remind you of him. But I want you to know that they are not him. Michael, you don’t have to hold everyone to Gilbert’s inability to be a man. That is Gilbert’s fault. Everyone else has their own problems and they are not trying to hurt you. You don’t have to take your anger out on them just because Gilbert didn’t do his job.

Not everyone is like Grandma Josie and Aunt Gloria. Not everyone is like Richard. You don’t have to prove anything to any of them. You don’t have to prove anything to Sam. Michael, you are gonna be okay.

Michael, one day you will make money for just being you. You are unique Michael. There are not many people like you. People will always try to put you in some box not realizing that you can’t be boxed in. 

Oh, my dear Michael… you have no idea what you will do and what you will mean to the people who come in contact with you. Just stay the course. Don’t rush. Be patient. Don’t let what Gilbert did make you feel less than dictate anything. It will drive you to be your best but don’t become angry about it. 

Gilbert failed you but you will not fail those that love you the most. Gina, Kobe, Keli, Chashere, family, and friends.

I know you can’t see the future Michael but your life is dope! Mom taught you all the right things and she has never left your side. She will always be around. When you hear the wind blowing in the trees that is her letting you know she is here.

I love you Michael more than you know.

Look at me… you are gonna be okay. King Street will be a distant memory.

Keep hooping. Keep being you.

Michael, your life is gonna be dope and you are gonna do dope shit!!!!!

Love ya dawg! Peace.

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