I have been on the run!

I have been on the go this summer. First, I finally went to Europe. Paris, Amsterdam, and London were all new experiences for me. After two weeks in Europe, I came back home to the states. I took a few weeks off from traveling and got ready for my next adventure, New Orleans! But, before […]

Goodbye, London

I went to London. I won’t be back. But, I took some photos.

Hello, Amsterdam

Have you ever had a preconceived idea about a person or a place? How about this… have you ever met a famous person and they were the complete opposite of how you thought that they might actually be in person? I always heard people say that they met someone famous and that famous person turned […]

24 Hours in London

Where do I begin? Let’s start with how my day was going before I got to London. I woke up ready and excited to see London. The day before, in Amsterdam, was an incredible day. I woke up early from my sleep and could still feel the good vibes of the city of Amsterdam and […]

Hello, Paris.

Do you remember Superman 2 or 3? Do you remember that scene where Superman has to save the world from terrorists from setting a bomb inside the Eiffel Tower? As a kid, that was a magical thing to see Superman save the Eiffel Tower and the world. But, that Eiffel Tower was something else. I […]

Honolulu, Hawaii

I love to travel. Traveling sets my soul free. It allows me to see and experience a much larger world than me. Growing up as a kid I only traveled in California and a couple of times down to Ensenada, Mexico. My mom was not a traveler but she never stopped me from traveling. I […]

Hawaii Almost Five-O

It took me almost 50 years to get to Hawaii. My wife bought a few plane tickets and we were off to Honolulu! What a beautiful place on earth.

The Bay!

So, I just opened up my mail and to my surprise was a Christmas card from my Tia Linda. She and my mom have been best friends for 50+ years. In 1987, my mom sent me to San Jose, California to spend time with my Tia Linda and her children Dion and Sylvia. It was […]

Sausalito, California

A few months ago I showed @glgorlo a video by @passportheavy. In the video, they talked about Sausalito, California, and a private yacht trip around the bay with @mv_shanutski. Having the boat all to ourselves was great as we drank wine. We also stayed at @casamedrano and it was beautiful. We had some amazing food […]

My Spring & Summer of Basketball

I had a very busy Spring & Summer. I first traveled to San Antonio, Texas for the NCAA Women’s Final Four. I had the chance to see my god-daughter Aari McDonald play against UConn in the National Semi-Final game and win! I then traveled to the ATL and watched the Hawks play the Magic. The […]