A Portrait and A Podcast with Chei Whitmore

My wife and I have a good friend who recently was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. Chei Whitmore sat down with me and discussed her battle and how she overcame this life-changing diagnosis. I am so thankful that she allowed me to photograph her while discussing this topic. Listen to this podcast and what God can […]

Lauren “Lo” Strong – Episode 31

There is nothing scarier in life than being free. That is exactly what Lauren “Lo” Strong has become… Free! In this episode, we talk about her future in filmmaking, her love for music, and how she felt living in New York. Her future is bright and could give you some insight on someone who is […]

Death, Grief, & Therapy

I finally had the pleasure of sitting down with my sister, Cher Eusquiano, the owner of Color Ego. We talked about how she got started in the hair business. We also talked about grief and the loss of our mother, Diane Lopez, and how therapy has helped both of us heal our hearts. Sound Cloud […]

Need inspiration?

It’s not often that I meet someone and they have “IT!!!!” In this episode, we meet such a person, Damian Castruita. This young man has the passion and desire to get to the next level. We talk about the new habits that he is creating and also, his future goals with his career. Get ready […]

Mental Health with Keli

In this episode, I sit down and talk with my daughter, Keli Micah Lopez. We talk about business and how her business is growing. We also talk about mental health and eating disorders and how she overcame her struggles with the help of a therapist. A deep and funny episode that everyone can enjoy and […]

Episode 27 with Luis Santoyo

In this great episode, I got a chance to talk to a photographer by the name of Luis Santoyo. We talked about photography, music, and therapy. This is a great episode to listen to while you work or drive. Apple Podcast https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/mike-talk/id1435417439?i=1000535328950

Snacks Harris

Snacks Harris is his name and he sat down with me today to chop it up about a lot of different topics. We discussed everything from where we were raised to how to unlock the mental blocks that hold us back in life. This is a great conversation. Enjoy!!!!! https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/mike-talk/id1435417439?i=1000535117077


“Michael” Early in the morning, on August 1st, 2019, my mom passed away from her battle with Pancreatic Cancer. She was 70 years old. In this podcast series, I discuss what happened the night my mom transitioned and all of the values she instilled in me throughout my life. I walk you through different events […]

Episode 23 with Entrepreneur Quin Miller

In this episode, Entrepreneur Quin Miller comes by and talks about a lot. We discuss everything from trying to understand Trumpers and would you fly to space? Sit back and listen and enjoy.

Episode 22 with Photographer Art Smith

Sometimes people cross your path and you don’t know why. In this episode, Photographer Art Smith stops by and talks about photography and life. Our paths crossed on social media and in real life. Listen as we learn where he grew up and how photography has been something that has helped him document his life […]