Birthday Gumbo

My wife Gina wanted to celebrate her birthday at home this year. She also wanted me to cook a pot of Gumbo. So, I spent my day prepping and cooking. We had a few friends come through and celebrate with us. It was some great Gumbo by the way. Everyone came back the next day […]

Washington DC was lit!

Where do I even begin? I went to DC for the first time in my life. I went with my homie and best friend, Greg. He has two daughters who play in the WNBA, Dewanna Bonner and Erica McCall. On August 31st, they played against each other in a Head to Head family battle in […]


Oceanside is a place that I have heard about but had never been until last week. It is a small beach town in Southern California. The weather was perfect and what more could I ask for? I also got down to San Diego as my wife also hung out with friends. It was a great […]

Pink’s in Hollywood

There is nothing like a great hot dog from Pink’s. These photos were taken back in 2009. I went their with my son and a few friends of mine. It was a hilarious experience that day. My friend Reggie Phillips looks somewhat like Snoop Dogg. There were tourists everywhere and they thought Snoop Dogg was […]

Reggae Spice

I’m just like everyone else when it comes to spending time on Facebook… at some point an Ad is going to catch my attention. This company did and of course I had to buy some of their products. So, as soon as this comes in I will give my thoughts on taste. Got to love […]

Not Not Tacos

So, there is the guy named Sam the Cooking Guy and I watch his YouTube channel religiously. He is funny and I like the way he teaches you how to cook. My wife and I were in San Diego, California a few weeks ago and I just had to stop at his restaurant, Not Not […]

Silence the Noise and Listen…

Sometimes our life can become full of noise and it is really hard to listen to what God is trying to tell us. I have recently improved my listening ability by following my heart and doing exactly what God is telling me to do. This has been a work in progress for a few years. It did […]